Sausage Sizzle dates Dec 15, 2015 onwards

Listed below are the fund raising activities planned for the next year. These are to go to the International Reunion in 2016 and the 75th Anniversary of Kokoda in 2017 – These event will not fund themselves.

These are the events Joyce and I (Wollongong, Chullora and Marsden Park) and Denis McCann (Thornleigh) will be running. If you wish to organise an event in your area please let me know and we will assist where possible.
Given we have interstate reps taken into account, where possible, your assistance in these events would be greatly appreciated.

Sausage Sizzles from Dec 18 - 31 Dec 16
18 Dec                   Bunnings Thornleigh (THN)
21 Dec                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
27 Dec                  Bunnings Thornleigh (THN)
5 Jan                    Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
24 Jan                    Masters (M) Chullora (CLA)

2 Feb                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
6 Feb                   M Marsden Park (MNP)
1 Mar                  Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
26 Mar                  Masters (M) Chullora (CLA)
5 Apr                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
13 Apr                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
23 Apr - 30 Apr  REUNION
3 May                  Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
7 Jun                    Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
5 Jul                     Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
2 Aug                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
6 Sep                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
4 Oct                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
1 Nov                  Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)
6 Dec                   Bunnings (B) Wollongong (WLG)