ADAA Secretary, Jim Piet - Funeral Details

11am Tuesday 4 October, 2016
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
North Chapel
Camden Valley Way, Leppington NSW 2179

Light refreshments afterwards at 6 Gatto Place, West Hoxton

The family requests no flowers and any donations be made to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, NSW

Military and ex-military members are requested to wear medals

As exact numbers of mourners attending the wake cannot be estimated, it is recommended people BYO.

Jim’s passing - written by his brother John


Unbeknown to everyone (including Jim) he suffered from long term high blood pressure.

About 10am on Sunday 25 September, 2016 he felt some chest pain and ignored it, it quickly became evident it wasn’t to be ignored. An ambulance was called for, with Jim deteriorating quickly, it arrived a short time later and he was conveyed to Westmead Hospital.

Medical team after some difficulty were able to lower his blood pressure, during which time blood circulation to his kidneys had pretty much ceased, he was sedated, intubated and placed on dialysis. He was deemed critical but stable, which continued overnight.

His vascular system had suffered a cataclysmic event with a number of tears to major blood vessels, from his neck to groin.

In the early hours of Monday 26 September, he suffered a further blow, blood circulation to his liver had effectively ceased. Emergency surgery to identify the vascular damage causing this and insert a stent was considered with a highly likely negative prognosis.

The medical team determined that he was inoperable.

Jimmy’s treatment plan was ceased, shifting to palliative care.

Family gathered, it was believed that Jimmy could hear what was going on this became evident when his two son’s approached him, his eyes opened and he attempted to speak.

The instruments were disconnected and about 4pm on Monday 26 September, Jimmy quietly departed this life.

He was not in pain, everything possible that could have been done for him had been done, his medical treatment was not only professional but the manner in which it was administered was exemplary.

Love you brother.