Our Patron

Brigadier Michael Ashleigh

Brigadier Ashleigh was born in Papua New Guinea in 1965. He moved to Australia in 1967 and grew up in Richmond, NSW.

He joined the Army in July 1988, and upon graduation from the Royal Military College Duntroon was allocated to the Royal Australian Corps of Transport. As a Lieutenant and Captain he held a range of regimental and training appointments including a deployment to Irian Jaya as the Staff Officer Grade Three Logistics on Operation AUSINDO JAYA.

Was Comd Spt Tp 176, Air Dispatch Tp Comd in 176, ADJT 1 ATSR, a short stint as 2IC 177 AD Sqn, OPSO 176 AD Sqn and CO 9 FSB of which 176 was a sub unit.

On promotion to Major in December 1998 he was appointed the Officer Commanding of the Transport Squadron, 3rd Brigade Administrative Support Battalion. During this appointment he commanded the Battalion Support Group deployed on INTERFET in support of the 3rd Brigade. For his service as the Officer Commanding of the Battalion Support Group, Brigadier Ashleigh was awarded a Commendation for Distinguished Service. In 2001 he attended the Australian Command and Staff College, and on completion was posted as the Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General (DQ) of the 7th Brigade in Brisbane.

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in January 2004 he was posted to Strategic Operations Division as the Staff Officer Grade One Joint Logistics Operations. This posting provided Brigadier Ashleigh a wide exposure to the Australian Defence Organisation and other Australian Government and non-government agencies, with regular involvement in Interdepartmental Committees and briefings for the CDF and VCDF. In this appointment he was involved in strategic aspects, including the planning and staffing, of Australian Defence Force Operations in the Solomon Islands, East Timor and the Middle East Area of Operations and short notice humanitarian operations such as OP SUMATRA ASSIST and OP BALI ASSIST II.

In January 2006 he was appointed as Commanding Officer of the 9th Force Support Battalion. During this appointment he was selected to command the first formed body Force Level Logistics Asset to deploy to the Middle East Area of Operations. As the Commanding Officer 9th Force Support Battalion he was also responsible for the relocation of Battalion elements from Puckapunyal, Sydney and Townsville to new facilities at Amberley, Queensland. From 2008 to 2009 Colonel Ashleigh served as a Directing Staff at the Australian Command and Staff College.

On promotion to Colonel in 2010 he was appointed as Director Logistics – Army where his key responsibilities included serving as the Capability Manager Representative for the sustainment of all in service Land materiel within the domestic and deployed environments, management of Army’s sustainment budget and Army’s lead for three streams of the Strategic Reform Program, including Smart Sustainment.  In 2012 Brigadier Ashleigh attended the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies where he successfully completed the course including the Masters program. His key research area was Papua New Guinea. Following his course received at the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies as the Director of Studies.

He was promoted to Brigadier on 22 April 2014 and appointed as Director General Strategic Logistics.

He is married to Karen and they have three teenage children.